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Originally posted on June 16, 2009

I’ve been writing  about computers for more than twenty years, beginning with review writing for the Atari ST line of computers for ST Informer and Analog. Along with the reviews, I wrote a column called "Die/|\Hard" where I was pretty much allowed to write about whatever struck me as regards Atari computing. I will be adding some of that material here with proper citations to provide some context from where I am coming from! That serves as my Die/|\Hard 1.0 context. (But don't hold your breath on that!)

My Web 2.0 context will be much easier to mount since it’s from blogs I wrote while working for the American Library Association. Some of them were during a workshop for getting staff up to speed on Web 2.0 and to some extent, Library 2.0. Since those blogs were taken down, I am republishing here with similar use of citations to put them in context. That blog was called "Die/|\Hard 2.0," with a reference to the Atari symbol and story as well.

My Web 3.0 context will feature links to Ning blogs I’ve written in regard to working in Second Life, see below. One of the dilemmas of this social networking arises from having too many platforms from which to blog, which is why I never created one of my own! I will continue forward with any future explorations in other virtual worlds, hence, the title of this blog is "Die/|\Hard 3.0."

This 3.1 version is a migration from WordPress and a hosting service to Blogger, with which I am already quite pleased. I've never been a big fan of WP. I've faced facts that I'll never get around to developing a Drupal-based version of the site on my domain. I will be reposting articles from 3.0 to keep things less static than the previous two years. I will, of course, preface reposts with the original date and find some way to highlight what's old and new in the article.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment.

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