Monday, April 30, 2012

My New Smartphone

Jessie's cellphone was beginning to conk out and when she went to the local AT&T store, they said we were beyond our contract period, so we could get new phones. (I understand there's a context here of two completely different perceptions, sales talk and what the average person understands.) Independent of what was going on with her phone, I had been thinking that as a person with "technology" in his job title, it was probably time to jump into the realm of smartphones and acquire some experience. So the timing seemed serendipitous.

Twenty-odd years ago, I was outspoken in my distaste for Microsoft Corporation (MS). I recall writing in ST Informer something about the sheep-like behavior of the crowd adapting Windows. (I would still argue that Atari had a superior computer at that time.) So what in the world am I doing with a Windows phone? Um ...

I have always followed a different drummer in regard to computing ... Atari ST computer, GEM, WordPerfect, Corel Draw, HotDog HTML Editor. I actually did an afternoon's worth of research on the pros and cons of iPhone, Android, and WinPhone. What I found is that MS revamped their phone OS and was getting very good reviews. I was most concerned about that than the accolades the other two phones get for the ginormous collections of apps, which I assume aren't so big when you count the redundancy of apps doing mainly the same thing, and their superior marketshare. Those attributes have never really moved me.

So I went with the underdog! And in this case, Microsoft is the underdog. I also liked the idea that whether I will actually use them, my phone came with Office apps. I would not have to learn new word processing routines even though I really dislike Word. I am good with holding conflicting beliefs simultaneously.

We both bought Samsung phones because a few months ago we bought new chargers. We both liked our Flights and she didn't want to relearn how to use her phone, so she got a Flight  2. I got a Focus Flash and have to relearn using it but at least I don't have to buy another charger. Go figure that my phone cost $0.99 and hers cost $50 (but $0.00 after rebate card is received). Of course, I got a charger with the phone but that's okay ... I need one at work since it really does go through its battery quickly and the charger is also one of those that uncouples from the plug part and can be used as a data cable with my laptop at home or computer at work.

Needless to say, I am having a great time with my new toy and will have more to report as I gain mastery over it's many features.

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